North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue Pre-Adoption Application

Ownership of a Dutch Shepherd (DS), like any dog, is a serious responsibility that requires a long-term commitment. It is the goal of The North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue (NADSR) to be sure that this responsibility, as well as the financial and psychological needs of each dog, be met in its new home. This pre-adoption application has been designed to help prospective Dutch Shepherd adopters address the impact that adopting a rescued DS can have upon their home and the suitability of their home for a Dutch Shepherd. This form shall also aid NADSR in applicant evaluation.

Send Form To:

Applicant(s) Information:

Household Information:

Do you live in a:

Do you own or rent:

If you rent or lease you must have written permission from your landlord. Please provide a copy of the rental or lease agreement with the pet clause and list your landlord's information:

Is your yard:

If your yard is not fenced, would you fence all or part of it as a condition of adoption?

Are you willing/able to modify your daily schedule to accomodate a DS's needs, such as going outdoors into a fenced area or walking on a leash to perform bodily functions at least 4 times daily?

Are you aware of the importance of keeping a DS on leash or in a fenced area?

Dutch Shepherds placed by NADSR must reside in the house. They are not to live outdoors regardless of whether or not you have a kennel or dog house or an attached run. They also cannot be chained or tied outside. Do you agree to these conditions?

Is there a local ordinance in your area pertaining to owning/housing an animal (i.e. leash laws, required vaccinations, dog licenses etc)?

Are you willing to keep a collar with a tag bearing your name, address, phone number etc on your DS at all times?

If, for any reason, you are unable to keep your DS, will you agree to return it to this rescue organization?

Are you willing and able to accept full care, costs, necessary burdens and responsibility of owning a pet?

Previous Experience Owning Pets

Have you ever bred or raised dogs?

Have you ever participated in dog shows?

Have you ever trained a dog before?

Are you familiar with crate training?

If not, would you be willing to learn more about it and consider the use of a crate (portable cage) as a training and transitional aid?

Household Activity

How would you describe your household activity level?

In addition to regular life at home, would your DS:

Preferences and References

Would you prefer a male or a female Dutch Shepherd?

Occasionally, a DS with special needs (i.e. physical restrictions or unusual personality/preferences) is available for adoption. Would you be interested in being considered for such a "special" dog?

Do you currently have a veterinarian?

If yes, please list your veterinarian's name address and phone number below:

Please list two personal references that you have known for more than two years that are not relatives:

I understand that in order to complete processing of this application a visit to my home may need to be scheduled by a representative of the program, and that by submitting this application I agree to such a scheduled visit. I also agree that the rescue organization or parent breed club may contact the listed references or veterinarian for additional information. I authorize those listed to disclose any information (medical or otherwise) requested by the representative. I also certify that all information on this adoption application is true and correct.